Is Kiteboarding Safe?

One of the most frequently asked kiteboarding questions is if kiteboarding is safe. This is a common question I get from people who don’t fully understand the sport. Kiteboard companies have dedicated a lot of R&D into both the bar and kite to make it easier to learn and extremely safe to do. The bar is your control lines that communicates with the kite. With older kiteboarding gear there wasnt any safety in the bar and the bar didn’t communicate well with the kite. On the newer gear there is a safety system so that if you’re in an uncomfortable position you pull the safety release and you flag the kite so the wind blows over it without pulling you. Check out this video on Cabrinha’s safety system:


Does Kiteboarding Require A Lot Of Upper Body Strength?

Kiteboarding does not require a lot of upper body strength, in fact, it requires almost no upper body strength. When kiteboarding, you are hooked into a harness that will absorb all the tension from the kite. Theres three types of harnesses: waist harnesses, seat harnesses and shorts. Seat and short harnesses will pull you more from your butt while waist harnesses will pull you from your core. Stop by the shop to get hooked into our live simulator to see what kiteboarding feels like!


What Conditions To Look For When Going Out For A Lesson

One of the most frustrating things to see (from my perspective) is someone taking a lesson in mediocre wind. It doesn’t matter what your instructor says, if theres nobody else riding or at the beach and you think the wind is light then its probably too light. Our goal in the shop is for you to get the most value out of your lesson. The wind speeds that are ideal for kiteboarding lessons are 12kts – 25kts.


How Long Does Kiteboarding Take To Learn

You should be self sufficient within 3 to 5 hours. Having the right prerequisites will help you learn much faster. Any experience windsurfing, sailing, wakeboarding or snowboarding is going to help this sport click faster.


When Is The Right Time To Invest In Gear?

The most important thing when investing in gear is getting the right kite. My goal is to set you up on a kite that makes the most sense for you in terms of wind range and your personal goals with the sport. With lessons you’ll be transitioning and working on the fun things in no time. I don’t want you on a kite that you’ll outgrow in a couple of months. I’d much rather you be on a kite that you’ll love for the long run. We understand everyone has a budget so if you come into the shop we will work with you on price!


Gear Is Very Expensive

Any hobby is expensive, the cool part about kiteboarding is that wind is free. The initial investment is about $1600 to $2500, but the gear will last you many years, you wont need any maintenance, and you’re resale value will be good. If you do a study on a company’s most popular 12m kite, you’ll find all the brands are about the same price. So why not spend $100 more on a kite you’ll love opposed to a kite you’ll only like? We do ongoing demos to make sure you are on the gear you love. Check out some of the packages we offer:

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