Erosion of the beach at Honeymoon Island has greatly reduced the area where we can launch and land out kites. Please make an effort to make sure that when you show up to kite you find the place where the other kiters have already set up (southeast of the southeast pavilion) and try to keep all of us in the same area, taking up as little space as possible. Do not launch your kites over people laying on the beach. Roll up lines so the rangers can access the beach with their 4 wheelers without having to avoid our lines or kites.

There is a very small swim area marked by 4 white and orange markers MAKE AN EFFORT TO STAY OUT OF THIS SECTION OF WATER. The park management is very happy with the kiting community that kites at the island at this time, they just ask that we stay out of the designated swim area, they approached me on the beach last week and ask that we increase our efforts to respect the swim area as some folks have been kiting through the swim zone.

Thank you for your help in keeping this access open.

By: Craig Whiteleather

Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island

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