Carbon Chinook Boom
Carbon Chinook Boom
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Carbon Chinook Boom

Price: $598.00
Chinook Triple Clamp Carbon SL 152-198cm Windsurfing Boom
The Chinook Triple Clamp Carbon booms are stiff, strong and user-friendly. They use unidirectional pre-peg torsion strips that make the booms stiffer and stronger that traditional construction. Other features include external locking pin collars to eliminate twist, a unique clew block for fixed or in-flight adjustable outhauls, and an extra generous extension range. The Formula bag has a wide tailpiece and fairleads for inflight outhaul systems. All boom bends have been modified to work with modern sail designs.

Carbon Chinook Boom

Arm Material: Carbon
Tail Material: Carbon
Adjustability: 152-198 cm
Mast Shim: No
Recommended Use: Wide range of sails
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year



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