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Cabrinha FireBall

Cabrinha Fireball: Innovation That Matters

Cabrinha’s releasing a game changing kiteboarding control system to the market for 2017 called the Cabrinha Fireball. The significance of this bar is that for the first time in kiteboarding, a major company designed a bar specifically for kiteboarding. At Watersports West, we’ve already tested this bar and what we found is that the Cabrinha Fireball provides the rider with more freedom of movement and is safer than the chicken loop.

To better understand why Cabrinha came out with the Fireball control system, it is important to understand the history of the chicken loop. The chicken loop was taken from harness lines in windsurfing and made smaller to fit kiteboarders. Over the years, manufacturers tried designing spreader bars to make them more adaptable to the sometimes awkward positions kites pull you in. With the Cabrinha Fireball, Cabrinha designed a bar that would move freely with where the kite wants to go, as a result, the rider enjoys a more comfortable ride. The position of a kite changes more drastically than a windsurfing sail so kiteboarders require different equipment than windsurfers and the Cabrinha Fireball is a solution.

With the Cabrinha Fireball system being closer to the core and being rotational, what you get is a more enjoyable experience. Traditional spreader bars are positioned further away from your body so when the kite is in an overhead position, traditional spreader bars will rotate further into your body. The Cabrinha Fireball does require a special spreader bar, but it can be used on all major brand harnesses. The Fireball socket on the spreader bar is located closer to the core to reduce the amount of upward pull when the kite is straight overhead. If you’re a rider who spends their time hooked in doing inverted tricks or spins, or if you’re a kitesurfer or if you’re new to the sport and are looking for the cleanest, safest, non binding system then you’re going to love the freedom of the Cabrinha Fireball.

The moment we were hooked into the Fireball we knew it was something unique. The initial feeling is that the connection feels good. It was when we took the Fireball for a session then took a traditional chicken loop for a session when we noticed the difference. The difference is big and it’s understandable why Cabrinha would release this bar. After riding the chicken loop following the Fireball session, we believe the future of the sport will go in the direction of the Fireball system. The Cabrinha Fireball has a significantly more freeing experience. Doing hooked in maneuvers is effortless and the kite doesn’t pull you in ways a traditional chicken loop might. We are stoked to see the sport progress further to make it easier and safer for everyone.

Pre-order the Cabrinha Fireball: Watersports West: Cabrinha Fireball


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