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Liquid Force Launch Board Foil Package


Liquid Force Launch Board Foil Package

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Ready to Ride complete with board and foil.


  • Flite 1200cm^2 Front Wing
  • Aspect Ratio 3.48
  • Wing Span 646mm
  • Flite 280cm^2 Tail Wing
  • 24? Mast
  • Standard Fuselage (78cm Total Length)


Horizon 125 Foil Set

The all new Horizon 125 wing is fast and loose! For more agile turns, responsive cuts, and efficiency…the Horizon 125 Foil Set is the latest and greatest in a long line of Liquid Force Foils, ready to charge it with you.

  • 27″ Alloy Mast
  • Horizon 125 Front Wing – Surface Area 1250 cm² | Wingspan 74 cm
  • TC 28 Rear Stabilizer Wing – Surface Area 280 cm²
  • 54 Bayonet Fuselage
  • Foil Shim Kit
  • Bag

Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil

The 27” mast features an updated mast cross section built to minimize drag and maximize safety. The Glider 125 wing set gives great lift and performance on the 1st or 2nd wake. With a flat stabilizer wing, the Glider wing set turns quickly and efficiently while allowing easy pumps to endless glides.

  • Glider 125 Carbon Wing
  • Padded Wing Covers
  • 27? Aluminum Alloy Mast
  • Aluminum Standard Fuselage
  • Forged Aluminum Mast Collar
  • Transition Plate
  • Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Hardware Kit


Horizon 160 Foil Set

The Horizon 160 wing is for the bigger riders and smaller waves, with plenty of lift to get you out behind smaller boat boats or jet skis. Feeling comfortable on the 1st wave? The Horizon 160 Foil Set will allow you to drop back on the 2nd and 3rd waves for even more fun.

  • 27″ Alloy Mast
  • Horizon 160 Front Wing – Surface Area 1600 cm² | Wingspan 78 cm
  • TC 28 Rear Stabilizer Wing – Surface Area 280 cm²
  • 54 Bayonet Fuselage
  • Foil Shim Kit
  • Bag


Beginner Board w/ Footstraps

Built with the first time foiler in mind!   This all new 4’5” compression molded board features a large planning surface and a thinner cross section similar to a wakeboard. This gives way to easy board management and smooth deep water starts.  The overall width of the board, flat tail rocker, chine rails, and wide shovel nose all help in the process of learning how the foil reacts while riding at a slower speed.

Essentially, it helps you get pass that 8 second ride…  The foil track mounting system gives 4” of travel to adjust the foil depending on rider weight and skill level.  Four insert positions allow for foot straps to aide in the ease of the learning process. As it says in its name, the Launch is the perfect board to get you out of the water and into the air.

A 24” Mast gives the perfect amount rise out of the water without being intimidating. The Flite 120 front wing gives easy stable low end lift that is perfect for slow speeds and riding the first and second wake. Our straight fuselage gives a solid connect between the Mast Front and Tail wings to give a strong and secure transfer of energy. The Flite Tail wing adds great tracking and stability to increase your foil skill set with confidence.


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Board only, Liquid Force Launch Foil, Liquid Force Pod Foil (Teal), Liquid Force Pod Foil (Red), Liquid Force Horizon 1250, Liquid Force Horizon 1600

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