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Bahia Skyway V4 12'6 - Teal


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Bahia Skyway V4 12'6 - Teal

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Bahia Skyway V4 12’6 – Teal

Bahia Skyway V4 includes aluminum adjustable paddle, bahia coiled leash and bahia standard fin.

Bahia Skyway V4 aluminum paddle package is complete w/ leash and fin. Born as a racing style hull but made stable by making it 33″ wide with a weight rating of 350lb, this ocean going board will put you on the fish in a hurry. Weighing in at only 36lb this board is easy to accessorize and it tracks so well that you can paddle on one side many times without goint off course. Complete your set up by using the 12 structural accessory mounting points on the board, it accepts all yak attack product and will carry up to 2 yeti 35 or 45 coolers. Go for a carbon and bamboo paddle for $199 extra and add a padded board bag a $279 value for $239, demos by appointment are free call now

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