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Pelican Catch Fiberglass 250cm Kayak Paddle

Length 250 Cm (98.5In.): This higher quality paddle is ideal for anglers of all heights in kayaks over 34″ wide.

Lightweight: Due to the quality of the materials used, the CATCH kayak paddle is very light. It weighs only 940 g (33.2 oz).

Premium Material: This paddle is made of a two-piece fiberglass shaft with fiberglass reinforced nylon blades. The fiberglass shaft provides a lighter and more comfortable option that doesn’t get as cold as aluminum.The blades are lighter and stronger than polypropylene.

Unique Design: This Catch paddle stands out with a high quality hydrographic design on the blade.

Multifunction: This convenient fishing paddle includes an integrated hook retrieval system directly on the blade and measurement tape along the shaft that will allow you to measure your catch.

Ovalization: This paddle offers a unique ergonomic shaft design called indexing. The right side of the shaft changes from a rounded shape to a slightly oval shape that tells you where to place your hand. This promotes proper technique that reduces wrist fatigue.

Performance: The push button system allows the blades to be feathered with a 0/65° angle. Paddling with offset blades will reduce the wind resistance on the top blade as it moves through the air. This will ensures an optimized and more comfortable paddling experience.

Material: Fiberglass


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Pelican Catch Fiberglass 250cm Kayak Paddle

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The CATCH fishing kayak paddle offers top quality and versatility at a great price for all anglers. The blades are designed for low-angle paddling, which reduces shoulder and back fatigue and helps you cover greater distances with less effort. The 2-piece shaft makes it easy to store and transport your paddle. The fiberglass shaft provides a lighter and more comfortable grip that doesn’t get as cold as aluminum during the fall and winter months. Add comfort to your fishing trips with the CATCH fishing kayak paddle!

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