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SIC Slash Foil Set

Ideal for

Advanced foiler’s
For low drag, high speed foiling
Windsurf foiling
Wing foiling
Downwind foiling


The Slash is designed for more advanced riders. It’s high-lift, low drag design is efficient and capable of achieving high top-end speeds.


SIC Slash Foil Set



ONE PIECE, 100% PREPREG CARBON FIBER, MAST & FUSELAGE (T-BAR)For the most secure, rigid, and corrosion-free configuration

100% PREPREG CARBON FIBER FRONT WINGS + REAR WINGS-For lightness and stiffness

INTERCHANGEABLE FRONT AND REAR WING WINGS-Gives you the option to change out components when conditions change

ONE-PIECE TORQUE RESISTANT BASE-For a solid connection between mast and board

DOUBLE TRACK BASE MOUNTING PLATE-Giving you maximum adjustability fore and aft as well as the ability to shim your foil

MARINE-GRADE HARDWARE-Strong and corrosion resistant

PADDED CARRY BAG/COVERS-For maximum protection

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