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Wavezone The Surge Skimboard

Product colors are not pictures listed.

Please call or email shop to see what colors are available as we get custom boards in frequently.

In Stock Design:  A unique, stand alone design recently completed by a WZ Artist and available for immediate shipping. Every board is, however, individually handcrafted so expect some minor variations.


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Wavezone The Surge Skimboard

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The Surge Skimboard is designed both for an experienced rider or for the physically larger beginner. With a streamlined core, this board is engineered for float and smooth performance. The Surge Skimboard has a wider nose that gives the rider the feeling of more board under their feet. Expect lift, buoyancy, and maneuverability such as wraps, pivots, and spins. Surge is the skimboard for teens.

Construction: High density, level 3 pvc foam core, reinforcement points and double poly wrapped rails. Individually hand crafted in the USA.

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